Warehouse KPI's

Manage your warehouse KPI's in this doc, including orders, staffing, and shipping performance. Works great with Shopify, ShippingEasy, and other e-commerce tools.

About this doc

“What gets measured get managed” - Peter Drucker

The Warehouse KPIs doc was created to keep track of the operational performance of our e-commerce startup. This doc can be used by any company that has a fulfillment center and ships products to your customers. This doc works great with Shopify, ShippingEasy, and other e-commerce tools.

By tracking the operational performance data, you are able to see points of improvements, allocate resources better, motivate warehouse team members and spot trends.

Key features

About the Maker

Wilson Silva

Relentless status quo challenger. TV series enthusiast. World record holder in numbers of tabs open at the same time in Chrome.

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