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Real Estate CRM with Integromat + ManyChat
View and organize your leads from a ManyChat Messenger bot in this real estate CRM template. Connect ManyChat with Coda using Integromat.
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Have you ever wanted to do more with your data coming from your ManyChat Messenger bot? Now you can with this template! ManyChat has a native integration with Integromat which opens up your Messenger bot data to hundreds of other applications.

Qualifying and managing leads for your business

Let’s say you run a real estate business and have you have a Messenger bot that is helping you qualify your leads. You have leads who may be looking to purchase a home, and leads who are looking to sell their home. Traditionally, you might use our Google Sheets integration so that once your bot captures new leads, you can organize them in a spreadsheet of rows and columns.

However, in order to manage your buyer and seller leads, Google Sheets may not be the best solution which is why most real estate businesses also have an internal CRM (customer relationship management) tool to help with this. Most CRMs are not very flexible and can be quite expensive, and this is where Coda comes into play. This template is a CRM that you can use to manage all the leads that are coming from your Messenger bot enabling you and your team to close more deals.

What this real estate template allows you to do with your leads

Since Coda docs grow and adapt to your workflows, this template can be customized to fit your specific needs. In this real estate example, this template allows you to:

  • Get a snapshot of all deals and leads at any point in time
  • View the status of individual seller and buyer leads (for homes)
  • View deals for buyers and sellers (once they have signed a broker or listing agreement)
  • Quick views for homes for sale and buyer requirements

The power of Coda and Integromat

You are getting so much valuable data from your ManyChat Messenger bot, and to make sure your marketing or sales team is making the most of these leads, seeing that data in a custom-made CRM ensures that you are maximizing business potential. Integromat takes the raw data from your Messenger bot and puts it into a Coda table. From there, you can build your own custom CRM, content scheduler, or social media tool right inside Coda.

Meet Arpit Choudhury

Head of Growth @ Integromat

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Views of your seller and buyer leads data allows you to focus only on the leads that have met certain qualifications.
Using formulas on the canvas, a customized dashboard on the "Snapshot" section gives you a pulse on how many leads from your Messenger bot are converting to customers.
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Real Estate CRM with Integromat + ManyChat
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