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Law School Admissions Checklist and Results Tracker
An all-in-one tool for planning your law school applications and tracking your results. Law school stats from 200+ law schools are included.
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Law School Admissions

The law school admissions process can be time consuming, but if you know all the pieces of the process, your experience can be a lot smoother. The process consists of your LSAT scores, GPA, letters of recommendation, essays, loans, scholarships, and more. Law schools give the most weight to your LSAT score. Combined with your GPA and law school rankings, you can get a good idea of what type of schools you should apply to. There is no hard and fast rule about the LSAT score or GPA you need to apply to a certain law school, but this template can guide you with the school you are targeting.

Deciding Where To Apply

As you decide where to apply to law school, take into account law school stats such as the school’s ranking, median LSAT scores, acceptance rate, tuition, and more. All the stats from U.S. News and World Report’s 2020 Top Law Schools are included in this template for you to sort and filter. Other factors to consider include the school’s location and access to the job market once you graduate law school. Being in a city where there are many jobs available and alumni from the law school will help tremendously with your job search after law school. In terms of the number of schools you should apply to, this depends on whether the school is a reach, target, or safety school. Read more about how to define these categories here.

How This Template Helps You With Your Law School Application Process

This doc lays out everything you’ll need to do when you apply to law school. The Checklist section details the essays you’ll need to write, the materials you’ll need to send to LSAC, and other tasks. The School List section lets you add prospective schools in a cinch and see if you’re above or below their LSAT and GPA medians at a glance. Automatic summaries show you how many reach, target, and safety schools you’re applying to. After you send in the applications, you can keep track of the outcomes in the Results section.

Key features:

  • Pre-filled checklist with all your admissions tasks
  • School List section that highlights the difference between your numbers and the school’s medians. This section also color codes your reach, target, and safety schools, and summarizes how many of each you’re applying to. Hover over a school for information about its acceptance rate, first-year class size, yield, and more.
  • Results section that lets you track your outcomes.

Meet David Busis

David is a partner at 7Sage Admissions

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Law School Admissions Checklist and Results Tracker
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