Coda doc by Al Chen
Brainstorm Blog Topics by Sumo
Brainstorm potential blog topics that are great for SEO using Nat Eliason's framework.
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Start writing articles for your blog that are good for SEO!

Nat Eliason’s blog post “How Nat Eliason Grew A Website To 10K Visitors In A Month” provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to generate blog topics, find the SEO value of topic keywords, and rank the topics to focus your time on. Nat uses Google Sheets in the blog post to help you generate the blog topics, but we re-built this in Coda with tables and buttons 😀.

With this template, you don’t have to worry about entering in a long Excel formula or copying and pasting the formula results into another Google Sheet. With the push of a button, the topics get created based on the content keywords and generators you enter in to the template.

We use Nat’s tea example from the blog post for the content keywords and generators 🍵.

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Brainstorm Blog Topics by Sumo
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