Automation Starter Kit

With 8 examples, learn how you can automatically take actions inside and outside of your doc.

About this doc

  • Make a copy of this doc so that you can test out the automations.
  • Open up the automation panel: Each section corresponds to a single automation example. The best way to follow along is open up the Automation panel on the right by clicking the robot icon on the right side of the toolbar above and open individual rules.
  • Test out each rule by clicking on the numbers to test out the rule step by step. You can also turn them on to try them live!
  • Add your contact information below so you can receive notifications!

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About the Maker

Preeyanka Shah

Product Manager at Coda. Interested in tech that makes positive impact on the world and empowers people. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking (let's talk pizza!), sewing & hiking.

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