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How New Mexico's Environment Department saved $250K/yr with Coda.

Todd Hochman, Solutions Architect at NMED, shares his experience working with Coda.

Create a project-tracking solution that centralizes key information in one place.

“Across the agency, we were using many different Trello boards and Google Sheets to manage projects and contracts. Portfolio managers didn’t have a clear way to see progress or pinpoint the cost of projects. Legacy application solutions were a struggle to maintain.”

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“We sought out a low/no-code solution that would save our developers from spinning up single-use applications for every scenario.”

Todd Hochman, Solutions Architect at NMED


👀 Easily adoptable

📈 High ROI per paid seat

🧩 Low/no-code

Also considered

Trello, Google Sheets
“We had been using Trello boards and Google Sheets, but our team had outgrown them. The information was disorganized and not accessible.”

We used Coda to customize a no-code solution for our project and cost tracking.

“By taking advantage of Coda’s API and connecting it to our own internal data system, we built out a solution of multiple connected docs that track each of our projects and the associated expenses, contractor hours, and deliverables.


The various disorganized Trello boards that tracked project initiatives have all been imported into a Coda doc that filters by project, so the portfolio manager can easily see status and progress.
What was a static Google Sheet tracking contractor hours has been imported into Coda and become dynamic burn-ups and burn-downs of the work on our projects, so the team can make more informed decisions.”

Coda docs at work for NMED:

Initiative tracker

Status dashboards

Team updates

Billable time log

“As a result of this migration to Coda, we’ve eliminated 27 of our Trello seats and plan to end use of Google Workspace tools. The introduction of Coda has also saved dozens of people hours weekly, and this amount is expected to be a couple hundred as more workflows migrate to Coda.”

Money saved:

💰$250,000 a year

Time saved:

🕐 Dozens of hours/week

“I was blown away by the intro of . It was a game-changer for solution design. We actually changed our solutions planning so we could take full advantage of it.”

Todd Hochman, Solutions Architect at NMED

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