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Unprepared Debate

Schoolhouse.world Unprepared Debate Competition
Do you love to debate? Do you have a passion for arguing your point of view on the spot? Then you're invited to participate in the Schoolhouse.world Unprepared Debate Competition! This is a chance to test your debating skills and to share your views with the world.
Each event will run for one hour and forty-five minutes.
To Enter
To enter the contest, please visit our profile for the SHWWF,
We hope to see you there!
Here are some additional details about the competition:
The competition will be held using schoolhouse.world.
The competition is open to students of all skill levels, so even if you're not a natural debater, you can still participate and have a chance to win.
I hope you'll join us for the Schoolhouse.world Unprepared Debate Competition!
Here are some additional tips for participants:
Be familiar with current events. This will help you to come up with arguments for and against the topic of the debate.
Be prepared to think on your feet. You won't have time to prepare a detailed argument, so you'll need to be able to think quickly and come up with good points on the spot.
Be respectful of your opponent. Even if you disagree with them, be respectful of their views.
Be prepared to answer questions. Your opponent will likely have questions for you, so be prepared to answer them.
I hope these tips help you prepare for the Schoolhouse.world Unprepared Debate Competition!
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