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ZKEX Updates

Sorry I was too busy BUIDLing ZKEX 2.0 so I forgot to post updates for Nov. & Dec. 2021. But ZKEX did update every week.

ZKEX 2.0

Ver. 2.0.5 (11 Jan 2023)

Added self-settlement for ZKEX
Added JOE and QUICK trading pairs
Added Binance Chart
New CSV export function for order history and trade history
Fixed the problem of delayed status synchronization after user activation
Fixed the problem of the infinite amount of user depositing and withdrawing
Fixed the problem of not being able to load the historical K-line chart
Fixed the problem of slow and unstable faucet claiming speed
Fixed the problem of automatic cancellation of orders
Fixed the problem of the faucet could only claim stable coin on L1

ZKEX 1.0

13th Updates - Nov 10th

Added auto restart for layer 2 server
Set alpha test for web mobile develop version
Fixed tradingview cache bug
Fixed depositing bug in AVAX
Fixed market making bot speed
Increased deposit limit
Set devnet for new layer 2 server
Added address book feature for devnet
Other bugs fixed

12th Updates - Oct 21st

Fixed the delay in the "Open Order"
Fixed Layer 2 faucet bug which prevents scripts to claim faucet
Increase the speed of claim faucet
Added investment portfolio
Fixed the "No data" bug in the portfolio
Order placing notification logic changed for a better user experience
Added a confirmation pop-up for “cancel all’ to prevent misclick
Fixed the withdraw ccommissionfee bug
Other bugs fixed

11th Updates - Oct 10th

Improved the display speed of “open order”
Faucet bug fixed
Supported mobile users for now, we will make it responsive later
Improved the max number of matching orders during a fixed time in layer 2
Faster order matching speed
Depositing bug fixed
Limit order pricing bug fixed
Trade fee calculation bug fixed
Support balance hiding
Other bugs fixed

10th Updates - Sept 22nd

We added a slider to the order panel
The "trade fee" is more specific
Add more notifications to help new users
Other bugs fixed

9th Updates - Sept 16th

Added info explantion for ordering withour signature
Increase transaction processing speed
Faster deposit/withdraw speed
Enable fast withdraw option
Added bug report session, removed rating session
Longer time for toast/notification
New website launch
Other bug fixes

8th Updates - Sept 2nd

Updated UI to version V1.2
Added commission fee calculation
ZKEX bew website design V1.1
Added Wallet Connect
Cryptocurrency depositing bug fix
Tradingview panel is smoother now
User could withdraw within unsupport network condition
Preparation for testnet
Other bug fixes

7th Updates - Aug 26th

Updated UI to version V1.2
ZKEX bew website design, yes we will a new website!
New website animation motions & plugins
New page for Balance history
Adding connection feature to check current network status
New DEX rating system
Added coinbase wallet
Preparation for testnet
Other bug fixes

6th Updates - Aug 19th

Updated UI to version V1.1
Added wrapped tokens to faucet
Fixed order book flickering bug
Fixed order amount percentage bug
Fixed tradingview connection bug
Fixed tradingview axis & dark mode bug
Fixed trade history matching type bug
Set up withdrawl/Deposit chart
Preparation for testnet
Other bug fixes

5th Updates - Aug 12th

Updated UI to version V1.0
Added more tokens: wETH, wBTC, wAVAX and wMATIC
Added BUSD as a supported stablecoin
Finalized market maker’s API
Improved r account opening experience
Set up Wallet address window
Fixed order history panel bug
Fixed order matching limit bug
Fixed faucet depositing bug
Adding more features on the Tradingview chart
Preparation for testnet
Other bug fixes

4th Updates - Aug 5th

Updated UI to version V0.73
Tradingview dark mode
New faucet window
Added Layer 1 faucet
New connect wallet expierence
Setting up Market Making bot
Better depositing experience
Search feature updated
Better market order experience
Closing to testnet
Other bug fixes

3rd Updates - July 29th

Updated UI to version V0.5
New Light and Dark mode
New Order history panel
Added display filled amount in open order panel
Added trading history
Added BUSD as stablecoin withdrawal option
Added more trading pairs
New Balance history panel
Setup partnership with Market Maker
Optimized UI & UX code
New style notification modals
Serial market order bug fixed
Other bug fixes

2nd Updates - July 22th

Layer1 and Layer2 faucet depositing
UI verison V0.4, applying brand color to all windows
Wallet switch experience
Market Maker API finished
Docs for Market Maker finished
Adding market order 2nd version
Adding three different modes for orderbook panel
Bug fix

1st Updates - July 15th

Multi-chain depositing and withdrawl features, which is an innovation features and requires more feedbacks
UI verison V0.34
Dark mode UI designing finished
Connecting wallet experience, wrong network part
Adding market order 1st version
Adding wallet connect
New notification UI
Bug fix
Better signature experience

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