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IIT Health Store Social Media Strategy

First month initial strategy analysis report
May 28, 2021

Monthly Summary

This month we continued to focus on building the audience with people targeted as the appropriate demographic for IITHealthstore products. A few competitors were identified, most importantly GOOP, as sources of warm and interested audience. We have been poaching their followers for the last week or two.

What worked this month

The followers and engagement this month have been of a much higher quality than last month, showing interest. Page views, likes, engagement ratings are all up, but still not at targets.

What needs improvement

Not enough qualified organic followers were acquired this month to leverage the next phase of marketing strategies.
The target follower count still has not been hit so this month going forward will also be without charge.
Shungite products are not to be marketed at all on Social Media. An error was made with a post that was quickly rectified and should not happen again.

Next months tasks

Acquire more qualified followers
Start posting stories to work the Facebook algorithm and appear at the top of our current followers feeds
Monthly post schedule
Begin planning on giveaway (identify products, potentially launch a few posts to gauge interest in the various products to determine which will get the best response for a giveaway)


Executing the Facebook and Instagram store should still be postponed until the audience and traffic are larger.

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