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Zeph Goh Chee Man

A tech enthusiastic about continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies. I enjoy developing products and solving problems.



Airbnb Clone

Tech Stack:
Frontend: React.js, Redux, OpenStreetMap, and Bootstrap
Backend: Firebase Auth, Cloud Firestore, Mailtrap, Express.js, and PostgreSQL

Built a user-friendly hotel booking app that allows users to log in and book their preferred hotels.
The app securely stores all booking information in a database, while Firebase handles user authentication.


Sigma School

Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp (Dec 2023)
Created over 30 projects in the span of 3 months
Worked with partner to create capstone project about Airbnb Clone


Seng Hong Designs

Personal Assistant
Collaborated with the general manager to develop and implement strategic plans and objectives.
Managed documentation, including quotations, drawings, and permits.
Increased the company’s revenue by over 10 times within 2 years.
Transformed the company into a fully-fledged main contractor construction firm within 3 years.


Contact - +60166363228
Email -

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