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Fast Track Your Business OS • 7-Step Cheat Sheet
Fast Track Your Business OS

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My Self-Coach Commitment

Deciding to take the Self-Coach path should not be taken lightly. That’s why it’s important for you to review this Self-Coach Commitment, to check off each statement, and to ask your initial SLT (Senior Leadership Team) to sign off in support of your Self-Coach journey.

Start By Reviewing and Checking Off Each of the Following Statements:

I will stick with the process of strengthening my Business Operating System (Business OS or BOS).
I will launch my BOS by holding three initial setup and strategic planning sessions.
I commit to ongoing weekly, quarterly, and annual meetings with my senior team.
I acknowledge that our BOS is our foundational way of doing business. It’s a consistent language, process, and approach that we all practice daily.
I acknowledge that the process of improving our BOS will unearth all sorts of issues, but instead of having a negative attitude about them, I will tackle one issue at a time, get to the root, and solve it for the greater good of our company and our people.
I know that every company has a BOS and to go from our current BOS level to a fully Integrated BOS, we must implement changes throughout our organization. Our executive team, leaders, and managers must lead the way. Yet, we must give every employee in our organization the opportunity to work within our Business OS. Once our executive team gets the basics down, we’ll begin our organization wide rollout.
I understand that some Self-Coaches later decide to hire a coach. If I’m feeling that the Self-Coach path isn’t for me, I’ll add it to our SLT’s Issues list and discuss openly with my SLT. I acknowledge that having another person step in to take over the Self-Coach role and/or hiring a Coach are both better paths than giving up on the journey of strengthening our BOS.
I will start by holding myself accountable and lead the way. When I don’t feel like it, I’ll stick with it.
When shiny objects present themselves, they’ll get added to the Issues list like everything else.
When I get stuck, I will add that to the Issues list as I understand we have methods to get unstuck.
I will work with my team to build greater trust in our executive team and at every level or our organization. Building trust requires openness and honesty at every layer of your organization.

Next, Meet with Your Initial SLT to Discuss:

I have discussed my Self-Coach commitment with our SLT and they agree to provide the necessary time and space for my role as our organization’s Self-Coach. We all acknowledge that my Roles & Responsibilities will now include ‘Self-Coach’ of our Business Operating System.

I fully commit to a Self-Coach journey in building our Business OS:

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