Superhero Sketch Party

Pre-class Information for Google sketch experience
Hello super artists!
Here’s some pre-prep ahead of the experience on Thursday (18th Nov) and some ideas that we will be discussing in our online drawing experience that you might be interested in looking over ahead of time.
Please complete the below two steps ahead of the experience.

Step 1: Putting together a Superhero outline:

1. Please use a pencil. Rule a straight line down your page to keep your superhero figure in proportion.
superhero figure step 1.jpeg

2. Begin by drawing a stick figure. Do the head as an oval and draw down for the torso and neck. Include shoulders and hips. Shoulders width is half of the head size on each side.
superhero figure step 2.jpg
3. Add in arms and legs. Arms go down to just past the hips. Add in circles where the joints are.
superhero figure step 3.jpg
4. Flesh it out! Using the stick figure base draw in the rest of the body. Some conventional female and male figure proportion drawings are provided below if you would like to use as reference, but of course you can draw them the way that best suits the team member you've been given!
superhero figure step 4 female.jpg
superhero figure step 4 male.jpeg

Step 2: Identify their top strengths

We will be choosing some personality traits from the person we are drawing and turning them into super powers. Try to select 3 - 5 traits, here’s just some inspo to get you started, but do come up with your own ideas!

Don't be daunted by this brief description, it will all make perfect sense when we get into the class.
See you then!
Yum Tum Team

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