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Team "Pulse Check" by Flatiron School

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Team Pulse Check by Flatiron School

Managing personal well-being across the team

👋 Hi, my name is Yu, and no day or week is ever the same...

At a fast-paced environment like , sometimes things can get stressful when multiple things are launching. As a product manager, my goal is to keep the team on track to deliver on certain milestones. In order for the team to function effectively, I've found that simple "pulse checks" can show me how the team is feeling any given week.
This information not only helps me figure out how well we are doing as a team, but also gives me insight into the personal well-being of each team member. By doing a pulse check weekly then following up on the responses, you can eliminate any potential causes of stress on the team.
I hope you use this for your team to reduce overall stress, increase personal well-being, and ensure products get launched on time.

A Coda doc to automate pulse check reminders

In order to remind people to fill in their pulse check for the week, you can use either the or to send these reminders weekly. We chose the Slack one since our whole team is in there all day and utilized to ensure the updates was sent weekly:
download (1).png

Once we had the Automation set up, Slack would send a reminder every Friday at 4PM reminding the team to log their pulse check for the week:
Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 6.10.25 PM.png
On the section, we only ask two questions:
How's your stress level?
How's your work-life balance?
You can then pick on a scale of 1 to 5 on both of these questions, and that's it! Over time, the chart shows your stress and work/life balance over time giving you visibility into well-being. If you check the Show All Team Members checkbox, you can see the scores for your whole team since the chart and table are filtered to just your scores (by default).

Ready to get your team's pulse check? Share this doc with them and go to

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