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Mindy - Marketing
Berkeley AI Summit

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Key takeaways from the AI summit

Interesting Inputs:

1. Customers want to be educated.
Their current expectation: AI → help, cannot get things done.
Customers are smart, we should come up with a smart way to show them how to use Mindy + correct format of the prompts. The correct guidance to the customers will be of importance.
Welcome Emails
Predict the next step [shortcut keys like Gmail]
Give the users some instructions on how Mindy will interpret their prompt and process them.
Set right Expectations:
Be clear about what Mindy could help them finish, and what Mindy could only be of some help.

Ambiguity Metrics:
For the prompt that we have given to the AI model, we could define the parts that seem ambiguous and then present to the users.
Prompt feedback:
It could be combined with a prompt reply given by Mindy to let the users know the waiting time of the result if it’s going to be over 5 mins.

2. Feedback > Data/ Model

Do interviews to get the feedback from the current users. [every week]

Direct Reach-out
User Activities
If all the interviewees have DS background, it’s not ideal. They will have different perspectives from the real users without DS background.

Values → Features

Prototype → Iterate Fast

3. Customers tired of trying different tools.
Easy-to-use [click < 2 times] + Ecosystem are important.
Features like shortcut keys could be useful.
Follow-up questions asked by Mindy should give clear instructions to the user for the next email.
[Right now, sometimes it needs 8 emails to organize a meeting!]
There could be a metric to measure the performance with the prompts sent by a user related to 1 question.
Ecosystem: Are we collaborating with Google Calendar?

Questions that have been asked:

1. Microsoft had a team working on a project similar to Mindy before, but they ultimately failed. Why didn't Gmail develop a similar feature?
Collaboration with Google, especially Gmail

What’s more:


Customer segmentation

Maybe the elderly people will also be interested?
They are more used to the Email Interface.

Communication Channels

Referred by friends.

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