BHAG (UI/UX Challenge)

Problem Walkthrough:

Ishan recently hosted a party and invited a few of his friends. All his friends were assigned to bring in different food items and drinks. All of his friends, including him, paid out of their pocket for the items they brought in for the party. Few of his friends used cash, a few of them used stuff credit/debit card or others through an online wallet.
A few days later, settling the money was chaotic. It would be unfair for Ishan (who is a vegetarian) to pay for meat items. One of his friends who did not drink at all would not want to pay for alcohol.
The group could not figure out how to transfer money to each other. They did not know who owes whom how much money. (Didn’t know the how’s and who’s of splitting the money.)
After multiple manual calculations, ended up transferring money through eSewa back and forth, multiple times, to each other.

Problem Statement

Ishan is not being able to quickly and fairly calculate and invoice expenses among his friends because of unplanned and disorganized payments of items by multiple members in a group causing them to spend hours figuring out who owes whom how much money.

App Name & URL
Kathmandu Valley
App can be used accessed anywhere in Nepal.
Initial target audience
Young Professionals
College Students

Target Audience

The app will focus on the following target audiences:
Young Professionals, College Students
“Spontaneous people who love group outings but are not really structured.
Demographics of Initial target group
Age: 18-35
Gender: Mixed
Education: +2 Completed
Occupations: Student/ Young Professional
Location: Nepal
Psychographics (personality, values, attitudes, interests, lifestyles)
Not Organized
Rush Lifestyle
Enjoys going out
Enjoys spending time with friends (in a group)

User Persona:

Ishan Thakuri

Age: 27 | Location: Kathmandu | Operations Manager
“I am looking for a quick and easy way to automate the “money-settling” process after a group activity so that it’s fair for everybody.”
Ishan is an Operations Manager at Utsaha Udyog. He is extremely outgoing and loves hosting parties for his friends. He is usually with a group doing something every weekend. 
He is not a great planner, and neither is organized/structured. He is frustrated with himself for having to pay an extra amount of money when settling the costs. He would love to avoid spending hours figuring the expenses and settling the cost among his friends after each of the party/outings.
Not Organized
Rush Lifestyle
Fair/ Kind
Engaged/ Busy
There are no rows in this table
Spend less time calculating who owes who how much money.
Fair/ Transparent share of costs after a group activity
Avoid multiple and redundant online money transfers.

Frustrations/Pain points:
Spends too much time with manual calculations of costs
Has to pay an extra amount of money used to buy meat items.
Hates organizing the receipts


User Needs

The app needs to enable the user to:
Register and login
See personal profile and customize them
See a list of group they are part of.
Create a new group
Invite people to the app by Email, Phone number, or share link.
Add people as friends.
See a list of their friends.
Record and post Expenses in a group
Invoice specific expense to specific friends in a group
Pay and settle expenses by cash, bank transfer or through esewa.
See balance and how much one owes.


Content Requirements

Content (text, images, video) that the user will need.
“The user will be looking for…”
Group Menu with a list of group that they are part of.
List of friends in a group.
Balance. (How much you owe whom in a group and how much your friends owe you)
List of Friends.
Personal Profile.
Friends Profile
Way to settle the expenses
Button to invite friends
Button to create a new group.

Functionality Requirements

Systems that will allow the user accomplish tasks.
“The user will be able to…”
Create a new group
Invite Friends to the app
Add friends to a specific group
Record Expenses and invoice them to specific friends in a group.
Comment on a specific expense.
Nudge your friends to pay you.
Automate all the expenses of a group and minimize the number of transactions.
Transfer the money via e-sewa or Bank transfer (cash)
Settle the expenses.


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