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Over the last year or more, JD Cleaning and Painting has been working with an SEO company that didn’t deliver results, here’s what the performance has been for the last two years:
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Devin asked PERC to look at the performance to see if he was getting value out of the over $900 per month JD Cleaning & Painting was spending on the SEO services. Upon looking at the data from AHrefs, we determined he was not getting enough value back from the SEO company.


The proposal Elements are listed in the below link:

JD Cleaning & Painting SEO Project Summary:
JD Cleaning & Painting is a family-owned business that provides cleaning and painting services for residential and commercial properties in Southwest Florida. The following strategies have been proposed:
Prioritize high-value keywords related to 'roof cleaning' and 'interior/exterior painting' that have less online competition.
Develop and publish SEO-optimized content targeting these service areas, including blog posts, service pages, and custom videos.
Optimize Google Business Profile and local listings to enhance local visibility.
Highlight the company's unique selling propositions (USPs) in all digital content and utilize customer testimonials and case studies to build trust and credibility.
Share engaging content related to roof cleaning and painting services on social media and interact with the community through comments and messages.
Regularly review website and SEO performance metrics to identify areas for improvement and stay informed about local market trends.
In addition, the 2024 SEO strategy recommends creating quality pillar content and targeted cluster content, leveraging social media and external platforms, producing quality over quantity in blogging, utilizing SEO AI tools, and staying up-to-date with SEO trends. The competitor analysis identifies key competitors in the roof cleaning and painting services categories. A list of initial keyword ideas has also been provided to develop content and SEO strategies tailored to each category and silo.

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