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2024 SEO Strategy

Content Marketing Rethink for 2024:
Foundation: Pillars and Clusters Model
Pillars: Long-form, in-depth articles (2000+ words) covering broad areas of expertise. These should establish trust, authority, and thought leadership. They need to be rich in media and highly useful for problem-solving, leading to increased shares and links.
Clusters: Shorter content targeting specific questions or customer pain points. These aim to win rich snippets and provide direct, succinct solutions.
Content Beyond the Website:
Emphasis on content that builds awareness and brand recognition outside of the website, like TikTok videos, Instagram stories, LinkedIn articles, guest speaking, etc. This type of content, while not directly contributing to SEO authority like website links, drives engaged traffic to the site.
Shift in Blogging Approach:
Moving away from the belief that frequent blogging boosts SEO. Instead, focus on quality over quantity. Google values content that demonstrates experience, expertise, and humanity (EEAT, with an added H for humanness - EEATH).
The best content is rewarded, not necessarily the newest, unless freshness is relevant to the query.
Impact of Generative Content:
Recognizing the rise of AI-generated content and its impact on blogging. Content needs to be distinctive and valuable beyond what AI can generate.
Focus on High-Quality, Unique Content:
Acknowledging that Google doesn’t need more generic content (like another article on boiling eggs). Instead, aim to create unique and engaging content that stands out.
Updates to Various SEO Components:
Updating the technical, e-commerce, and GA4 (Google Analytics 4) modules in your course, along with new keyword research content and a revised backlink module.
Incorporating SEO AI shortcuts to streamline processes.
Personal Commitment and Balance:
Dedicating mornings to SEO and afternoons for relaxation, indicating a balanced approach to work and personal life.
Application to JD Cleaning & Painting SEO Project:
For JD Cleaning & Painting, this strategy suggests a focus on:
Creating Quality Pillar Content: Develop comprehensive, in-depth articles related to roof cleaning and painting services.
Targeted Cluster Content: Craft specific, shorter content pieces addressing key questions or concerns in their service areas.
Leveraging Social Media and External Platforms: Utilize various online platforms to enhance brand visibility and drive traffic to the website.
Quality Over Frequency in Blogging: Produce detailed, high-value blog posts that provide unique insights or solutions, rather than frequent, generic posts.
Utilizing SEO AI Tools: Integrate AI tools for efficient keyword research and content optimization.
Staying Up-to-Date with SEO Trends: Continuously update SEO strategies to align with the latest best practices and technological advancements.
This approach aligns with the evolving digital marketing landscape, focusing on creating value-driven, unique content that resonates with both search engines and human audiences. It also reflects a modern understanding of how SEO works in conjunction with content marketing and brand building.

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