Antara's Unmanned stop shops

What they do

This is a self-serve, pick and go concept. No one there to guide or supervise. In this case an unmanned stop shop would be a place where members can get information about Antara with no staff to guide them.
This will give our members knowledge of what Antara does and how they are involved. They would know how to get started, their benefits, how to navigate through the App and even get printed blogs about how to stay healthy..etc.
This will highly boost Antara’s brand recognition and consistency, since members will keep seeing our products and services when they walk in/by the stores. To have our presence felt in corporates we have partnered with, we would need to create awareness of Antara’s brand.
The more familiar our members are with our brand, the easier it will be to engage with them. They will not forget who/what Antara does. We need to think about ways we can inform, educate, or entertain. The goal is to strengthen our image in their eyes, earn their trust and meet their needs after every engagement we have with them.


This image shows the process from the point where members are totally unaware of the brand to where members are completely aware of what Antara is and always have us in mind. That anytime they have a health concern we are the first healthcare provider that comes to their mind.

What they involve

Some of the ways we’d implement this:
Infographics - This could include Antara’s logo, website address, and other contact information. It could also have a step by step description on how to complete major tasks i.e. downloading the App from play store, booking appointments, sharing HIF, adding dependents etc. They could be inform of brochures, screen Ads or flyers.
Roll-up banners in the coffee areas or chill zones - It would be helpful to show-case the benefits our members have, our services etc. Placed in areas where people would be found idling around, not working or common walk ways.
Screen Ads- Pushing video tutorials on the benefits of an Antara member, how to get started and what each consultations involve. This will answer most questions members have during engagements and would stick to their minds. This would be in areas like cafes, during tea breaks or lunch hours.
Sponsoring the corporate’s events - This would earn Antara an opportunity to have a stop shop at the event, where we would show case our services, register more members and help them get started. This would help boost Antara’s brand recognition and awareness.

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