How to Repair OST files

Corruption in the OST files is one of the major and common instances for Outlook users. Whenever corruption happens, you certainly look for a solution to repair OST files, but not all users like you will find a perfect solution. Although there are multiple ways through which users can repair their files, not all of them have the same capabilities. So, this blog will help with providing a reliable repair utility that will outclass others.
How do OST files become inaccessible?
Due to certain instances, the OST becomes corrupted. Whenever it happens, the user cannot access their data from their files. Due to this, the need to occurs. Check out some of the reasons that show how the OST can get corrupted:-
Virus intrusion is very common, which can be due to downloading any app/software from an unauthorized website. Because of this, the chances of OST corruption automatically increase.
If you are working in Outlook, instances like power outages or abrupt closure of the system may impact the structure of the OST file, which causes data inaccessibility.
OST files are saved locally on the user system. In case there is any bad sector in the hard drive, the OST file is saved exactly in the same location.
There is a limitation on saving the data in an OST file. When OST grows bigger, it can also catch corruption.
Methods to Repair the Outlook OST files
Microsoft provides a way to repair OST files, which is a ScanPST.exe. It is available in the location where Outlook is installed. However, this utility only recovers the data from those OST files facing minor level corruption. You will find steps to recover the OST below:-
Launch the ScanPST.exe, and then click on the browse button to add the OST file.
Click on the Scan option to check the type of corruption in the OST file.
Now, hit the Repair button, which will give the command to the utility to repair the file.
This utility only works if the user has a small OST file and there is no major corruption in OST. Otherwise, this will not work, which will require an alternative solution.
A Reliable Utility to Resolve Corruption from OST File
Weeom tool helps users recover their data from corrupted OST files. Users can add multiple OST files for recovery into the software and can run the process all at the same time. This software also has an intuitive user interface, indirectly making it easier for users to work.
The software is also efficient in recovering the hardly-deleted items from the corrupted OST files. Users can run this tool on the system that comes with the Windows operating system.
Summing Up
Corruption in the OST files creates problems with accessing the data stored in the file. However, to counter we have explained the solution to repair OST files. Users can choose the solution per their needs, but we recommend trying the third-party software for better capabilities.
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