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PRD Food Delivery Rating

To Answer Populix's Case Study

Case Study: Food Delivery Rating

Main Problem

Target Audience

Merchant Restaurant/Partner

Problem overview

The average restaurants’ rating in our company is significantly lower compared to your company’s competitor. This issue has becomes the company's attention, as the lower rating might affect the restaurant’s trust in the company.

Goals & Success

Average restaurant’s rating went up

Understand the Problem.

Root Cause Assumptions

I have several assumptions for this problem :
Our delivery time might be too long and our customer rate based on overall experience, not based on food quality from the restaurant.
Long Delivery time might have happened because :
our drivers numbers are still not enough, it might be the root of the problem of overall delivery time.
probably it is hard for driver to find the smaller restaurants/merchants because of the location of merchants/restaurants are not precise.
Customer might received bad food quality, it might be happened because we don’t have food delivery bag for our driver to carry the food or because of long delivery time itself.

Data Needed to Support Assumptions

average time needed to complete an order
compile low rating review from customers

Define the purposes:

Product to address the issues

Why we build
why it is important
Specific categorized review
To understand better what the reasons customers leave bad review of their’s order in the future.
We will understand it better why customers leave bad review of ther’s order.
Provide a special delivery bag to our drivers
To make sure the quality of the food until it received by customers.
Quality of the food will be guaranteed until it received by customers.
Showing frequently ordered food from that restaurant to the customer
to shown restaurant which menu they might need to stock so the average completion time can be decreased.
Merchant Partners
to decreased time of order completion time.
Ask restaurant to update the address and pinpoint location at the map
to make sure the location of the restaurant are precise so the drivers won’t be hard to find the restaurant → decreased average completion time
Merchant Partners
to make sure driver will find the restaurant faster and decreased completion time.
Recruit more drivers
add more supply to meet customers demand
to decrease SLA of finding available drivers to take the orders
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Develop strategy:

1. Product we Build

Specific categorized review
features contain : specific categories on why customers leave that review
User Journey
Homepage → Food delivery →
order → receive order → leave review
User Action:
Homepage → Food delivery → choose merchant → select menu → order details → payment → restaurant confirmation → pickup by driver → driver sending the food to customers → order arrive → leave review →
Sketch review page :
1 star
5 star
1 star.jpeg
5 star.jpeg
There are no rows in this table
Business Requirement & Impact :
we will understand better why customers leave that rating and review
User able to choose category why they leave that rating and describe the rating review.
How to introduce to market :
create highlights on new category review feature when customer want to leave a review at review page.

2. Product we Build

Provide a special delivery bag to our drivers
features contain : Give a special delivery bag for drivers
Business Requirement & Impact :
We need to order special delivery bag for our driver to make sure the quality of the food until customers receive their food
Driver could put the order food at the food delivery bag.
How to introduce to market :
we notify the drivers to get the special delivery bag.

3. Product we Build

Provide a special insight to restaurant about which menu items are most frequently ordered
features contain : Gives a special insight into how often menus are most frequently ordered
Business Requirement & Impact :
we can show restauranst which menu they can stock more to decreased time of order completion time.
We can show which menu is most frequently ordered and show the number how many times a menu has been ordered from our app.
How to introduce to market :
we introduce our merchants by sent a popup notification page and redirect to a page about introduction about our new feature.

Success Metrics

Decrease time to find available drivers
Increased avarage restaurants rating.
Decrease average of order completion time.


We care about your food!

We ensure you will receive your food order faster with the highest quality Food Freshness & Safety! Our drivers are now equipped with thermal delivery bags, which specially designed with insulating material to ensure that all food is delivered fresh, safe, and under the most optimal temperature conditions. Not happy about about the food? leave us detailed review and contact our agent, our agent will more than happy to help!
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