Tremoloo UX/UI Practical Camp

Tremoloo UX/UI Practical Camp

Welcome to Tremoloo UX/UI Design Camp! This interactive training program is tailored to equip aspiring UX designers with essential skills and practical experience. You’ll engage in hands-on activities under the mentorship of industry experts, focusing on learning by doing to advance your career.


Interactive Learning

Engage in hands-on activities, real-world projects, and collaborative workshops.

Graduation Project

Apply all the knowledge during the camp on a real problem.

Case Study Creation

Build your portfolio under the mentorship of an expert.

Certificate Completion

Receive a certificate upon completion to validate your expertise.

Junior to Mid-level Designers


08 June 2024


4 Weeks - 8 hrs per week


Online sessions


4500 EGP

✍ What you will learn:

Week 01 - Discovery & research

Day 01: Intro to User Experience Design+ Project Assignment Begin your journey with an overview of UX design, its importance, and its impact on user satisfaction and business success.
Day 02: Stakeholder Interviews & Proposals Learn how to conduct stakeholder interviews, develop project proposals, and receive your project assignment.
Day 03: Primary Research Dive into primary research methods, including conducting effective user interviews to gather valuable insights.
Day 04: Secondary Research Understand how to perform secondary research and analyze competitors to gain a broader market perspective.

⭐ Output:

Problem Assignment
Project Proposal
User Interview Plan & Insights
Competition Analysis Report

Week 02 - Ideation Phase

Day 01: User Journey Ideation Create detailed user and task flows to map out the user journey.
Day 02: NN/g Usability Heuristics & Main design Principles Learn Nielsen Norman Group's usability heuristics and key principles in action to evaluate and improve your designs.
Day 03: Ideation Techniques + Sketches Engage in various ideation techniques and develop initial sketches to visualize your ideas.
Day 04: Wireframes Using Figma Tool Transition your sketches into wireframes using Figma, a leading design tool.

⭐ Output:

User Flows
Initial Sketches

Week 03 - UI Mindset & Important Patterns

Day 01: UI Mindset + Main Basics + Right Inspiration Develop a UI mindset by learning the basics of UI design and finding the right sources of inspiration.
Day 02: Setting UI Direction + Crafting Test Screens in Action Define the UI direction for your project and create test screens to bring your vision to life.
Day 03: Atomic Design + Setting UI Style Guide Learn about atomic design principles and create a comprehensive UI style guide for your project.
Day 04: Web Use Cases & Patterns Explore common web use cases and design patterns to enhance the usability and functionality of your web designs.

⭐ Output:

UI Direction
Test Screens
UI Style Guide

Week 04 - UI Design & Usability Testing

Day 01: Mobile Use Cases & Patterns Learn mobile design patterns and use cases to ensure your designs are optimized for mobile devices.
Day 02: Design Critique and Review Participate in design critique sessions to receive feedback and improve your designs.
Day 03: Prototyping + Usability Testing Plan Create interactive prototypes and develop a usability testing plan to validate your designs.
Day 04: Usability Testing Insights + Design Fixes Conduct usability testing, gather insights, and make necessary design adjustments based on feedback.

⭐ Output:

UI Design Solution
Usability Testing Plan & Insights
Final Design

Graduation Day - Offline

Celebration Day Celebrate your accomplishments and receive your certification of completion and meet your mentors.

👨‍🏫 Your mentors:

Our team is certified by the world leaders in UX design and research Nelson Norman group & UXC, UMC & PMC, and EDX.

What You will get by the end of the camp:

You should pass the graduation project presentation, then you’ll deserve to receive Tremoloo certification that you can share it on Linkedin and can be a gate for your UX job opportunities.

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