Work with me

Im here to assist you with all your coda needs
I have learned much as a techie, CTO and startup founder! And that I want to share with you through building a more streamlined and organised structure for you, through coda. I understand structure, data models and automation, which will give you the help needed to turn your coda docs into full functional apps that can speed up your business value! That can be simple docs with automation, to complicated packs needed to deliver data to docs. I have understanding of it all
What I offer
I can build solid scalable and fast docs for you and your business, see what clients and docs I have made before as inspiration
I can build special packs for you to get data you might not have access to today, inside your coda doc. Or even add special features that is not capable today.
I can coach you, your employees or anyone that wants to learn more about coda to skill up the workforce in making coda a more efficient tool for your workplace.
I can come in and fix, expand or restructure an already existing doc to meet your needs.

What some say
“Snorre has delivereds lots of value for us and our company”
“Great to work with Snorre and his skills”

Earlier work
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