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I'm here to assist you with all your Coda needs
I have learned much as a techie, CTO, and startup founder! I want to share it with you through building streamlined and organized workflows with Coda.
With a deep understanding of data models and automations, I will help you turn your Coda docs into fully functional apps that let you focus on what you do best - delivering value through your business.
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What I offer


Scalable Doc Builds
I can build scalable, fast docs for you and your business. See below for example docs I’ve built for clients.


Lean building process
I offer a lean building process where we make sure your needs are met and value is created


Coaching & Learning
I can coach you or your employees to level up their Coda skills and boost your workplace efficiency.

Doc Optimization
I can fix, expand, or restructure existing docs to better meet your needs and optimize your workflows.

What clients say

“Snorre is a Coda genius who knows Coda inside out, tips and tricks, which has helped us build a tool suitable for our growing organisation.”
👱‍♀️ From COO of an Investment company in Norway
“We have been using spreadsheets up until we got Snorre to revamp our tools with Coda, increasing our automation and speed. ”
👩‍⚕️ From Co-Founder of a startup from Norway

Example work

Internal HR Doc

This doc holds multiple “apps” inside of itself, related to HR management.
Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 22.56.29.png

OKR tracker for a startup

This doc brings together custom views and data needed to take control of your OKR process.

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