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Non-Dilutive Funding
Non-Dilutive Funding

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Looking to access non-dilutive funding and grants for your startup? Take a look at the most common opportunities listed
or check-out the Government of Canada Business Benefit Finder, Pocketed or GetGranted to discover curated lists for your startup.

The Benefits Finder is a tool that asks you a few questions to create a customized list of federal, provincial, and territorial government benefits and services for which your business may be eligible. Search this tool to discover a tailored list of government support programs and services based on your business specific needs that you input into the search. Click
to begin your search

Fundingportal is an online third-party tool that you can use to search for government support programs and services - grants, contributions, vouchers, wage subsidies, tax credits, business incentives, equity, loans and venture debt. Search results are based on profile information provided. It is available as a SaaS subscription to ecosystem organizations including NSBI who had made it available on its website for any Nova Scotian company. Click
to search this tool to discover government support programs and services available to Nova Scotia companies.

Pocketed helps businesses easily access billions of dollars in grants and tax credits with their intelligent matching platform and marketplace for non-dilutive funding. Based on a business’s profile, Pocketed automatically generates a list of eligible non-dilutive funding programs. Then, through the Pocketed marketplace, users can connect with the right service providers including grant writers, grant review experts and editors to increase their success rate and get faster access to cash.
Volta companies can use code VOLTAX when to receive access to their basic tier.

GetGranted helps small and medium-sized companies in any industry access thousands of dollars in funding if they want to expand their business to new foreign markets, provide training to their existing staff, and hire more people. Sign up for free
for a curated list of grant opportunities available to your startup. GetGranted offers self-service (monthly/annual fee) and full service (success-based fee) packages.

Invest Nova Scotia List - NS based companies
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