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Void Runners Lore
Void Runners VRGF-1 Lore Contest

Lore by Zednik

Is it alive? O_0
“James Cargo. Young engineer. A man full of ambition and hopes with glimmer in his eyes and thunder in his heart. Surely,... when he finishes the build he has started, hunger, suffering and anguish will leave the Mogula, his little part of the Void he called home. Everything made sense to him back then, but today we can only speculate how has it come to where we are today.

More on that later after this nice break!
CleanX get the germs ou...
Hey mom can you command the channel?!
I’ve heard this crap a thousand times already!
Don’t say that! There could be people listening! You need to control yourself before we get a knock on the door. Besides... he could still be alive you know? It might be of use to you to know a bit of history!
Mom don’t be ridiculous... It’s been over a hundred years and a mind doesn’t survive the upload. Even today nobody’s been successful using that thing.”
My father would strongly disagree! He always believed that man uploaded himself to oversee his creation. Haven’t you seen the VRGF-1 blueprint? Your grandfather was obsessed with finding the ship
Maybe you could visit your grandma for once. She'd tell you all about it.
You should be thankful to GALTRAUTH for the stability and peace they bring into Void now. I bet with this new space order, many will follow in his footsteps and someone will find it eventually.. We can only hope Mr. Cargo hasn't lost his mind after all those years of loneliness.
Yea yeah I know the story Ma.. you always have to tell it again and again.
*Volume rises*
“After his creation was complete and the test flight successful, the secret council who ran the trade in Mogula advised the general to hide VRGF-1 from the world.. These men were afraid of such fierce competition in the trade business and preferred to suck the life out of Mogula people just as they’ve done it in the past. And just like that.. before the moguls of Mogula could intervene.. the first ship ever to see the edge of the atmosphere and her creator vanished into the Void never to be seen again. Blueprints were left all over the Void for us to find and build our bright future together, but the first ship still remains a mystery. Is James still on it?

Will you be the one to find it?”
Coming up next, Space Invaders!!!
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