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Void Runners VRGF-1 Lore Contest

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Lore by Maximus

Pt 1: The Twist, Pt 2: The Fleet Assembles: Pt 3: The Genesis Ship

Part 1 - The Twist

After the free-fall collapse of the Sila–Nunam Federation, the Galactic Trade Authority rose as a beacon of...well, authority. For many epochs they mapped Trader routes, audited trading data, and guided all aspects of trade.
Over time, they creeped into every aspect of a Trader’s existence, even acquiring the Radabian secret recipe to produce those delicious protein bars. Galactic Trade Authority (GALTRAUTH) Terminals became prized possessions among Trader captains providing access to trade information beyond even the scope of Miners and Makers. Over time this edge increasingly brought strife as Traders used the Terminals to manipulate markets and disrupt trade to their advantage.
The breaking point was the 305-22 route heavily disputed by Captain Kingo and Privateer Wake. Many Valda Sendai (VS) class ships were ensnared into the conflict over the course of a single sol. GALTRAUTH introduced an information black-out across their Terminals and re-introduced trading with a twist... Traders would not know what's in their cargo.

Part 2 - The Fleet Assembles

GALTRAUTH issued a directive for Traders to comply with the new rules including etched coloring into their hulls to be permitted Trader status. Many ship designs and sols later, the GALTRAUTH requested all ship captains to present themselves and their ships at 615-22 for a christening. The trade barons ZahlPrish and Dubpace all lined up their syndicates to be first in line. But one intrepid scavenger captain, Raych, found more to the directive than met the eye.

Part 3 - The Genesis Ship

Raych had been scavenging VS class ships as their parents and parents before them. But there was a desire to go beyond chasing despair and one day arrive to a Port to command loaders to fill the hull of a ship with profitable goods. When the directive flashed in their knock-off terminal, there was something else in the message.
Much like solar flares, GALTRAUTH realized having Trade rules uncontrolled caused more conflict and chaos than a controlled system. The knock-off terminal beeped and buzzed with a coded message beneath the official message. A rendezvous ahead of the christening for the lucky captain to present itself first... the only catch was that Raych needed a compliant ship.

Part 4

"It isn't much to look at but this ship put in its time in during the Kingo Wake Interlude." Garret said while uncovering the dusty and beaten-up ship. "What did you say you needed it for?"
"I didn't." said Raych with a stern voice.
"Look your father and I went way back. He was always a straight arrow, never taking chron loads from any salvage. Promise me you won't be using this for any of that stuff."
Raych nodded. The ship was not in a great ship but with enough love and sols it'll be in order.
"Now can you recommend any etch artists?" Raych asked touching the bulk head.

Part 5

Raych wasn’t 100% sure Galtrauth would be there but a feeling of being late was overwhelming while pushing the ship to its maximum speed to reach the coordinates of the hidden message.
Orbiting around a minor planet, a fully sanctioned Galtrauth ship is stationed. A comm link blares: "Official business ship, what is your business?"
Raych stutters a little but with enough confidence... "I have received instructions to present myself and my ship at these coordinates"
"Very well, await further christening instructions" the official states shortly after, as if they already knew of the intent.
A dozen drones from the Galtrauth ship swarm around the ship, inspecting.
While awaiting next steps, Raych asks, "How is this sanctioned outside of the official ceremony?"
"I've been watching you for some Time, a group of us have seen the potential of Galtrauth to be more than just an arbiter. Rather a force of good. We're using the initial designation created as part of a practice to grant one person an opportunity to be a force for good... you are that person."
A short time later Raych’s ship designation flickers and changes. The official bids Raych well and signs off, "Safe runs, VRGF-1."
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