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Void Runners VRGF-1 Lore Contest

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Lore by LuonLuon

Part 1 - Who's flying this ship?
Cyder could feel the burn from the rip in her suit but she kept a brisk pace and ignored the pain. Her ship was only a few meters from the door and she couldn’t be late for her first day.
Fortunately, everyone was panicked and preoccupied with putting out the latest GALTRAUTH fire - allowing Cyder to unsuit and slip by unnoticed.
PRTZL TECHNOLOGIES was a small software company drowning in their forced contract with the Galactic Trade Authority (GALTRAUTH) developing the early stages of what would become the GALTRAUTH Terminal we all rely on across The Void today.
Cyder slipped into the lavatory and examined the damage. A few minutes of radiation exposure left her palm raw. She reminded herself - this isn’t Nayzar. Her old suit came in handy in short notice but it was in need of repairs.
Erban was an old planet few still lived on, besides the nostalgic (hackers, warp techies, and the like). The air is poisonous and radiation levels toxic. Yet here she was.
PRTZL wasn’t a big name then but Cyder wasn’t either, she wanted to leave an impression.
Outposts and the chaos of restrictions didn’t exist yet. GALTRAUTH just gained a firm hold of The Void but was full speed ahead with their half baked plans for addressing starvation and shortages with outposts (initially intended for ships to pick up and deliver essential goods across The Void).
They began assembling together small teams to forge test ships and outposts for a future they couldn’t imagine.
Wihne dialed up the volume and clinched his jaw. Overpromising and underdelivering is nothing new for PRTZL but when it doesn’t fly for government authorities that means late nights and obnoxious hours of debugging with strangers way less fortunate then him.
VRGF-1 is a major project - as much as Wihne bemoaned he knew this could be huge. Converting war ships into cargo carriers and bringing it up to GALTRAUTH codes is a behemoth undertaking.
He closed his eyes and tried to count to 10. “1, 2, something smells good…”
Wihne opens one eye and sees Cyder inches from his faces. He didn’t recognize her - she must be new. Her eyes are inviting and her scent lingered. He lowered his headpiece acting clearing annoyed while masking his interest - it was his go-to defense mechanism, “What do you want?”
Wihne glared at her with his large knowing eyes.
“Hi, Captain Cyder on the VRGF-1 project, here for my tech training?” she looked at his face and waited for a reaction. His good looks wasn’t overlooked by his overt annoyance. “I think you’re who I go to for access to the briefing files?” She crossed her arms over her chest hiding her injured palm.
Wihne diverted his eyes. He wasn’t looking at her body but assumed she must think he was. His heart raced but he calmly typed the commands into his terminal, “Done.” he slid his headpiece back on and continued typing until she walked away.
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