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Void Runners Lore
Void Runners VRGF-1 Lore Contest

Lore by Kioppa Rebel

Xellenth and the Genesis Ships VRGF-1
Xellenth has been trading all kinds of cargoes across numerous galaxies for more than 50 years but today it's different ...
He was called yesterday by the interstellar authority due to his decades of experience to be honored with the first official VRGF license needed to trade from now on and test the new mechanism of restriction of the outposts.
After the increasingly frequent attacks by space pirates on ships along the routes and at outposts, GALTRAUTH had decided to take command of all trade routes and regulate trade and docking at outposts to ensure safe trade for all. No one could know how it would end ...
Xellenth despite his age, he don't see herself sitting in his quarters trying to pass the day ... he is determined to continue doing what he has always done and decides to show up to the authorities to receive the VRGF-1 license for his spacecraft and testing the new mechanism
Hundreds of years after in the terminal of the previous space outpost Brek had received a rescue signal leading to VS-72, did not think twice and immediately left with his Lugger for the route that the terminal had signaled him. who will be that needs help this time?
Approaching the coordinates he begins to see in the distance what seems to be the outline of a ship but he still cannot understand what spacecraft it is, now a few meters away for Brek it is clear: tapered shape, kind of an aerodynamics now obsolete in the void, missile launcher and the torpedo housings are empty, it's a Vette.
On the right rear side shows the initials VRGF-1. Is it possible that it's her? the first ship ever to sail the void after the GALTRAUTH has taken control of the routes and outposts? whoever sent the help message seems to be nobody here...
Brek takes courage and start to explore the ship The cargo deck looks picked clean. Food wrappers litter the deck. The crates that are left are busted open. its not the first to come looking here. A ladder leads up into the rest of the ship but Brek look some suspicious light in the angle of the wall between two panel.
Brek tests the wall with a tap and press a little push against the panel, and with a click it slides smoothly aside, revealing a deep compartment stacked with sealed crates. Housed in front of the nearest crate is a terminal. It blinks awake.
The message history shows a long series of messages from Xellenth. The most recent is dated months ago. Brek reading through the messages, piecing together what happened. A smuggling ring of pirates had attacked the vette but their plans ruined when the rules of the outpost was changed and must run away . Who knows how long this ship has been lost?
Brek tap in a quick reply to Xellenth - "Hey there. I found your ship", and add a co-ordinate ping. It's a beat or two before the reply comes.
"SALVATION. I owe you one, Runner. Wait me i’m coming! I’ve a present for you"
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