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Void Runners Lore
Void Runners VRGF-1 Lore Contest

Lore by Keelyu

Parts 1-3
Part 1
Everything is black ⚫, pure nothingness - The Void - a sound creeps into the consciousness of, yes of who, wait, whose thoughts are these right now? I.... ah I .... who am I.... ⚡flashes of light... blinding light... aching in..., in my eyes 👀 ! Me, that Me again, but this Me can see!
What the hell happened to me, who and where am I? After my eyes got used to the light again and the beeping in my ears died out, I see... the stars ✨, a window.... I, I am, I am in a spaceship 🚀. But everything is so "sharp", so rich in color 🌈, an unprecedented blaze of color and unprecedented clarity.... am I dreaming? Am I hallucinating? Have I taken something???
There, a photo is stuck to the cockpit window and something is written on it..... I can make it out... wow, everything so sharp, no edges... it says Commander Jameson (name may be changed if there could be trademark issues) .... Elite... Wanted! 10,000Cr reward! What happened.... Is it me???
Slowly fragments of memory come into my consciousness... there was a portal 🎇.... a chase, my only way out.... I had heard about it, now it comes back to me. And now it suddenly makes sense why everything here is so sharp and colorful. I must have flown through the quantum bit portal.... out of the 8 bit world into this new incredible dimension.... unbelievable, it is real.... a quantum time space jump....
After I am completely back to myself, I first take a tour of the ship. First, I have to check the condition of the ship, check the cargo and... and... put a bar of water in the corner 😉
Part 2
When I just relieved myself I suddenly hear a beeping, oh man, now it starts again.... but wait, the beeping comes from a direction outside my head.... there again, what is that? Suddenly a fuzzy something jumps into my arms.... completely frightened I try to get rid of it again, but it is so clingy.... but damn it, crap, these are "Troubbles", nasty little critters that eat everything, really everything....
Luckily, I have a cubicle with a containment shield... it's in good hands there for now, maybe it will come in handy later.
The door to the store room barely opens, a squeak and groan.... puhh done, what is that... wow a hold full of Narcotics, Weapons, Platinum.... and Gold - surely something can be done with it here. I need to get back to what I know how to do, develop strategies, trade, fight, survive - no not just survive - but thrive and revel in abundance.... new worlds, new adventures, a good ship, the hold is full, let's go..... here I am a blank slate 📖 .... what stories will my fate write.... let's go to the endless expanses of.....
==>💫 The Void💫 <==
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