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Void Runners VRGF-1 Lore Contest

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Lore by escapewheel

“VRGF-1 is requesting permission to dock,” said Luo, one eye on his monitor and one eye on the video game he was playing.
“VRGF-1?” spat Yrarier incredulously. “How many in the crew?”
Focusing on his monitor fully, Luo replied, “Three. Two humans—one natural, one enhanced—and a cephalopod.”
“Sounds like the same crew,” Yrarier muttered, unconsciously fingering a scar on her chin. “Delay them. We need to alert GALTRAUTH before granting permission.”
“What’s the deal?” asked Luo, looking around curiously. “They aren’t carrying any cargo.”
“Then they likely came to make a pick-up. Who or what I don’t know. But VRGF-1 specializes in—“
A station alarm abruptly interrupted the conversation. Yrarier sighed. “Challenging authority.”
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