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Hello! 👋
This manual contains answers to all frequently asked questions during a class. Below you will see a list of questions. Automatically jump to the solution.
1. Why is there no sound in the Zoom conference?
2. Where is the chat located? How to download chat content to a computer?
3. Why don't break-out rooms work in Zoom?
4. Why is the presentation on the phone so small?

No sound 🔕

⚠️ If there is no sound in the lesson, there may be several reasons:
💻 Personal computer \ laptop:
1. Not connected with sound to the conference. You need to click on the headphone symbol in the lower left corner.
2. If you are connected with sound, but there is no sound. You need to go into the Zoom settings and try to choose a different microphone. It is possible that several microphones are connected to the device and one of them does not work. Instructions in the screenshots:

3. Also try to remove the headphones and microphone and connect to the audio conference without them. Or remove and reconnect the headphones and microphone. A common problem is that students connect with headphones (sound) rather than a headset (sound + speech).
📱 Zoom mobile application:
1. In the lower left corner, also click on the headphone or microphone symbol (it is displayed differently on different devices). The Call button appears using the sound of the device

2. Pressing this button will turn on the sound in the conference. If there is no sound, then remove the headphones and microphone from the device or go back to the conference.
All mobile Zoom instructions are here➡️

Chat in zoom 💬

💻 Personal computer \ laptop:
Here is the chat
Без названия (7).png
The teacher sends all the necessary information to this chat. It is also possible to save the chat, before the end of the conference you can click on the symbol in the screenshot and click save. The text document with the club chat will be saved on your device

📱 Zoom mobile application:
Chat in the mobile application is displayed under the "Participants" button

Break-out rooms 👥

⚠️ Session function is not available in browser version.
You can get into the session rooms only with the installed program on the computer or the mobile application on the smartphone.

Presentation display 📰

If the text in the presentation delivered by the teacher is small, turn on the screen rotation function on the smartphone. On most smartphones, it is turned on automatically. After turning the screen over, you will see the image in full screen.

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.