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FAQ | Speaking Clubs Skysmart

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1. Why does the site ask for a subscription, even though there is still time until the end of the subscription?
2. How can I change the level of lessons in the timetable?
3. How can I suspend my subscription?

1. Why is the system asking for a subscription, even though there is still time until the end of the subscription?

Bonus subscription in Speaking Clubs:
Payments for individual lessons at school give you a 1-month bonus in Speaking Clubs. Subsequent payments for individual lessons do not extend your subscription to Speaking Clubs. The subscription is a one-time deal.
⚠️ If the site asks you to renew or buy a subscription and the "Subscription has expired" banner pops up, but you are sure your bonus/pay subscription is still active, email us

2. How do I change the level in the schedule?

You can change the level at the very top of the schedule, as shown in the screenshot below. You can see your current selected level and change it by clicking on the arrow.
You will be offered a choice of 4 levels: Starter, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. Click on the one that suits you and the schedule will change for the selected level.

3.How can I suspend my subscription?

You can suspend your subscription in your profile. Click the Suspend button and your subscription will be suspended.
1. You can suspend an active subscription once every 3 months.
2. You can suspend a subscription for a maximum of 30 days.
3. The suspension will be activated as soon as you press the "Suspend" button.
4. To unpause the subscription, press the "Unpause" button.
5. The subscription will automatically be unpaused after 30 days from the date of suspension.
To unpause the suspension click Unpause in your profile

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