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FAQ | Speaking Clubs Skysmart

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Joining a club

1. How do I join the lesson?
2. Do I need to download something to join the lesson?
3. How do I sign up for a lesson?
4. How do I cancel club booking?
5. How often can I sign up for a class?
We recommend that you be logged in in ZOOM when you join the club. This will allow you to enter the meeting without a waiting room
You need to register your account at ZOOM for everything to work correctly.
You need to register with one of the popular email clients: gmail, mail, yandex or rambler

1. How to join a lesson

5 minutes before the start of the speaking club, "Join the lesson" button appears in your profile. When you click this button, you are automatically taken to the appropriate Zoom meeting.
⚠️ If the "Join Lesson" button does not appear:
Reload the profile page or check the time zone set on your device

2. Do I need to download something to connect to the lesson?

All clubs take place on Zoom platform.
You do not need to register with Zoom. You need to download and install the program/application on your device.

3. How do I sign up for a lesson?

In the schedule, choose a date and time, click on the Book button
4. How do I cancel my lesson?
Once you have made a booking, your reservation appears at the top of the schedule, as in the screenshot below. You need to click on "To Club Booking".
After that, a page opens with information about the club that you booked. On this page select the blue button "Cancel booking". After that the booking will be cancelled and you can book a new club in the schedule.

5. How often can I sign up for classes?
You can only book one club at a time. After you attend or cancel it, you will be able to sign up again. Subscription in speaking clubs is unlimited for the entire schedule. The number of visits per day depends on your ability and desire.
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