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Kids clubs:

💬 Classic
It's just like a real speaking club, only online. The teacher keeps the conversation going and lets everyone speak. Listen, talk and take turns answering questions.
❤️ Speak-in-pairs
It's like speed dating. The teacher will arm you with discussion questions and divide you into pairs where you talk for most of the class.
💻 Self-Study
No teacher here, just you and the other participants. A club for practicing English in a challenging environment. Suitable for those who want to speak even more. Before the club, you need to carefully study the materials with rules and questions, which are available after signing up for the club.
📕 Fairytales
A fairytale-based club for toddlers where participants listen to an interesting story, learn words, and answer questions as the story progresses. There is also a learning of sounds for participants ages 4-6, in order to teach toddlers to read.
😻 Kids Teach
This club has child leaders instead of teachers! They are fun to be with and you can feel free to talk as equals about peer interests and play games. The child leaders have been specially selected, proving their competence in language and teaching.

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