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Quick Transport Services Inc.


Our Business Proposal and Growth Points For Quick Transport Services Inc.

Input data about the company:

Client Name: Quick Transport Services Inc.
Number of Drivers: 18
Number of Recruiters: 1
Applicant Tracking System: Tenstreet
Google Reviews: N/A
Glassdoor Reviews: N/A
Facebook Reviews: N/A
Indeed Reviews: N/A
Current Major Source of Candidates: Facebook ads.
Problem: there’s an occasional need to hire 4-6 drivers a month & current recruiting workflow requires more automation and optimization.
Our Goal:
Streamline the bigger part of your current leads processing workflow by means of our proprietary tools (Autocaller, transactional Emails/SMS and drip campaigns - to be described in detail below);
Implement an effective hiring infrastructure that will automate ~80% of the routine;
Review your current Facebook ad campaigns, provide guidelines on their optimization;
Launch Driver Pulse ads as an extra lead source;
Develop end-to-end reporting and analytics for the higher Management Team so that they could track and improve White City Logistics’ KPIs in real time.

Solution & Growth Points For White City Logistics:

Connecting Your ATS With Facebook

We will set up full integration between Tenstreet and Facebook so there’s no need for you to use Excel Media software to classify, segment and assign statuses to your leads. All your activities and recruitment workflow will be kept and registered in one place - Tenstreet.

Group 132.png

Ad Campaigns In Driver Pulse

We will launch ad campaigns in Pulse Match. Driver Pulse is the application by Tenstreet giving you an opportunity to advertise your jobs in front of hundreds of thousands of drivers. An average Cost Per Hire in Pulse Match is about $150-250 for the companies of your fleet size and depends on a certain month and employee’s job offer.

Tool# 1: Autocaller

This is a software tool that automatically connects your recruiters with candidates within 10-30 seconds after they submit a job application. It’s our proprietary tool and only our clients can access it.
How Autocaller works:

Tool#2: Transactional Emails/Text Messages

We suggest setting up automated text messages along with automated emails. Our 4-year experience demonstrates that drivers read text messages about 4 times more often than emails. This expedites your leads processing and your recruiters have more time to communicate only with relevant candidates. As such the conversion from Short to Full application constitutes 30-35% (DOT compliant).
How it works: an interested driver fills out a short application on your website or on Facebook and immediately receives an automated text message and an email with a link to a full DOT application.
If a driver doesn’t answer you recruiters’ calls, we automatically send him/her messages like this (several messages in the course of a month)

Key features:
Drivers can respond to automated emails and text messages (unlike those received from the majority of other truck companies);
If a driver texts back with any questions, your recruiters can respond directly from their Mailbox due to special software that we install for our clients;
Our system is capable of identifying special keywords, so if a driver responds to an SMS and his/her message contains such keywords, the Autocaller instantly calls your recruiter and connects him or her with this driver. Here’s an example of such a message with keywords:
Thus, an interested driver immediately receives a call-back from your recruiter.

Tool#3: Drip Campaigns to Recycle Leads (1 cent per an SMS)

As you may know, drivers may change their phone numbers which is a common thing, so it’s impossible to contact them. We will send automatic bulk emails to all your leads who you were unable to reach (NO RESPONSE LEADS) as well as to those who had an insufficient experience when they filled out applications, but currently these leads are a good fit for your company. This is a rather cheap & efficacious approach to re-activate missing drivers. All the workflow is fully automated, and emailing lists are automatically pulled from Tenstreet & such bulk emailing occurs 2-3 times a week.
How it works: we purchase a dedicated domain for bulk emailing & warm it up thoroughly in advance; therefore, our emails always fall into Inbox.

Automatic bulk text messaging is also fully automated. We fire messages to your leads that are assigned a relevant status only.
How it works: we fire bulk text messaging in several ways. We both include a full app link & exclude it, which allows having a very high Inbox rate. We identify each lead’s phone carrier & customize our messages depending on the carrier’s requirements.
Typical flow:
Leads can call back all the phone numbers from which they receive text messages;
We redirect drivers’ calls to your recruiters;
Leads can reply to those messages and we forward these replies to your recruiters’ mailboxes;
Your recruiters can reply to leads’ messages right from their Mailbox & drivers will receive SMSes.
All this results in astonishing performance. In such a way, we daily generate over 50 inbound calls & 150 SMSes for our clients.

Tool #4: End-to-end Analytics and Reporting of Your Recruitment At Your Fingertips

As we demonstrated on the call, once we set up your IT-infrastructure and tune all the tools, you will have access to advanced analytics and reporting in the form of an interactive Dashboard that contains data from all your advertising channels reinforced with information from your Tenstreet driver database.
You will be able to make actionable decisions and supervise the whole recruitment process. Besides, we will be in constant touch with you working closely on pivoting our activities to address your business needs.
cost per state.png
Dynamic reporting and analytics will help you to:
Understand what channel brings you more drivers (Facebook, job boards, organic search, etc.);
See performance of your recruiters/safety/dispatchers;
See how your budget is distributed between different channels;
As a result, you can refuse from ineffective channels and optimize your recruiting process;
Compare Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Hire;
Analyze best/worst performing states;
Review retention per state.
reasons 4 not hiring.png
divisions performance.png

Tool#5 (Optional): VoiceDrip

Voice Drip is one of our developments that is instrumental in increasing the number of both inbound calls & full applications.
How it works:
We automatically call leads from your Tenstreet database;
Robotic voice utters your offer to them & suggests drivers either dial 1 to speak to a recruiter or input their zip code, so that we could message them more info on your offer along with your FULL APP link. Many drivers prefer text messaging to live talking, so all our tools are extremely useful.
All in all, we will help you get in touch with interested candidates within seconds and candidates who don’t respond will be followed up automatically with text messages/emails.

Optional: Facebook Ads On a Professional Level

Why your ads will perform better than those of other trucking companies’?
We design ads focusing on drivers’ core pains and challenges and analyzing your competitors’ campaigns. We conducted research based on our 4-year communication with 130+ thousand drivers to understand what is really important to them while choosing a job;
Our designers alongside with copywriters and media buyers regularly create new ads for our current clients and we’re constantly A/B testing them to get better results;
We always fine-tune & tweak ad campaigns to make them as cost-efficient as possible;
We show ads to relevant audience only, don’t show ads to your current/terminated/disqualified drivers;
Examples of ads we launched for some of our clients on Facebook:

1 25.jpg
2 1.jpg
3 1.jpg
Group 97-2.png
ђЃ™†ѓ-®≠бв† 1.jpg

We have prepared a Growth Plan especially for Quick Transport Services Inc.

During the 1st month we suggest focusing on your Facebook and Pulse Match ads optimization, tuning your ATS and setting up our proprietary software tools. It will help you hire drivers in line with your requirements as well as as process and nurture your leads more efficiently. So, here’s the plan for the 1st month:

1. Tasks for the 1st month:

collect information;
set up the IT infrastructure (Facebook & Tenstreet full integration);
implement our proprietary tools (Autocaller, Transactional Emails/SMSes, Drip Campaigns);
optimize your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Pulse Match;
build end-to-end analytics and reporting system;
we will support, consult and guide you all the way through.

Our work is transparent and measurable: you will be able to track it online

1. You’ll have access to a dashboard with all the analytics (example below):

You will get access to the number of incoming calls, number of leads, cost per lead, drip campaigns effectiveness, etc.


Fees & Payment details

Driver Pulse Ads are paid separately. Payments for Driver Pulse ads will be charged from your card for full control of your costs. You’ll start Driver Pulse payments only after we set up everything on our side, i.e. after after tuning up your Tenstreet account, optimizing up Facebook ADS and rolling out our software tools.
The cost of the 1st month is around $1,405. Next months should cost less if we just support the system in place but everything will depend on the scope of work and business tasks that should be fulfilled.
Specialists Required:
Hours estimated
$, Total
Team Leader
Manager / Copywriter
There are no rows in this table
Every task by every specialist will be evaluated in a timely manner and reported to you at the end of the month.
Our services for the first month are paid upfront, and on a "pay-as-you-go" basis monthly thereafter.

We look forward to your feedback,

Leadgamp team

Contact Information:

Business Development Manager
Vital Navinkin
Email Address
Social Networks

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