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Understanding User's Behaviour while Procurement

The Aim

We wanted to understand how the procurement manager (PM) interacts with farmers & vendors while procuring agri commodities. So that we can leverage the existing behaviour to explore features ideas and shortlisting them to create an enhanced user experience which can address the problems of procurement manager (PM).

Note: The behaviour journey was crafted through a process of gathering insights and observations derived from user interviews.
Behaviour Journey.jpg


Bid analyses is a crucial step for a procurement manager (PM) to close the deal by creating purchase orders (PO) for vendors and framers.

How we leverage behaviour journey in our designs

At each and every step of the journey, we brainstormed and list down the ideas for features that we can add to the solution for the procurement manager (PM) so that it is easy and efficient for them to adopt.

The shortlisting of features was done on the parameters:
Efficiency and usability
Feasibility and practicality
Minimum dev efforts - Faster to build.

Ideas Derived from Behaviour Journey.jpg
All the above shortlisted features are implemented into the designs.
Please go back to the case study to review the procurement manager (PM) solution.

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