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NoCode Founder Overview

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What is NoCode?

Founded by undergraduates at UCLA, NoCode is a new nationwide student-led organization that provides students with educational resources and hands-on experience building websites, apps, and much more using no-code platforms (interactive app builders where you can visually add and edit elements of the product).

Why should I start a NoCode chapter?

Our mission is to help students from all backgrounds learn how to build their product ideas into reality. This is a unique opportunity to not only learn how to use no-code tools to their highest potential, but also to make technology accessible to everyone at your school.

You’ll be gaining skills and opportunities such as:

Work with clients on developing their products, earning as much as $200/hr+ as a freelance no-code software developer or instructor
Source, close, and lead product development projects from students and clients outside of the school, generating thousands of dollars in club funding every year
Gain management experience recruiting and leading a cross-functional team of student designers, developers, marketers, and product managers

How do I start a chapter at my school?

As a prerequisite, you’ll have to learn how to use , the main no-code platform we use to learn, teach, and build products for students and external clients.
We’ve partnered with Bubble to provide a free virtual bootcamp with a dedicated instructor to teach you the fundamental skills you’ll need to launch NoCode at your school. Upon completion of the bootcamp, you’ll receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card.

To be considered as a founder and enroll in the bootcamp, fill out and we’ll be in touch shortly with next steps.

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