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Vincent C Huang

Executive Coach and Product Advisor
Develop a bold vision, then take smart steps to get there

Hi, I’m Vince,

Product Executive with 10+ years building and leading Product, Design, Analytics, and Strategy teams.
I work with CEOs and Product Leaders on unlocking growth through product innovation and building strong product fundamentals.
I’ve been a Chief Product Officer and have led companies to find product market fit and 10x their revenues. I’m a product-guy through and through, having worked across Ed-tech, gaming, e-commerce, enterprise SaaS, and HR Tech.
Along the way, I’ve helped raise over 100M+ across premier venture/PE funds including: KPCB, Emergence, Reach Capital, and Costanoa. 4 companies have been acquired.
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Problems I help solve:

🌱 Find PMF

* Customer development and User Research
* Hypothesis driven testing
* Agile and learning development

📐 Scale Output

* OKR strategy and rollout
* Implementing scalable development processes
* Hiring and scaling outcomes-driven
product and design teams

🧲 Product Led Growth (PLG)

* PLG Teams (Setup and Hire)
* Kickstarting PLG Flywheel
* Experimentation mindset and workflow

🔮 Product Strategy

Product prioritization
* Expansion to product portfolio
* Building strategy & analytics teams
* Fundraising: Product Demos and Vision


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My Services

1:1 Coaching

1:1s to unlock growth; gain confidence in yourself and your product.


Have me guide your team through a Product Strategy or Design Sprint.

Special Projects

Upskill product team and implement scale processes
Build a metric-driven culture
Launching OKRs

Interim Head of Product

Set up an outcomes-driven product org, build product leadership bench, define product vision for fundraising

What people say about me:

Vince is an amazing thought partner and has helped me run my current business and fine-tune the product strategy for my company's next growth opportunity. I can count on him to help me address and overcome pain points within my org. He's helped scale my org by implementing product processes. In a short span of time, he's built trust across my leadership team helping them become empathetic leaders.
Robby Choate, CEO, RoloStudios

Vince has helped me clarify the most important problems to solve. This helps focus our team and accelerate our learning cycles towards establishing product market fit. He has been super helpful in developing product strategy and refining that strategy through a series of product development and GTM tests.
Wyatt Smith, CEO, Upsmith

Vince provided a valuable coaching atmosphere to help me parse through how to navigate difficult business problems through the lens of the Product team. He’s provided decision making frameworks to enable me to frame my challenges differently.
Anthony Germinario, Director of Product, Datapeople

Vince brought a focus on product metrics and helped the product team shift from being a feature factory to a product team and define product workstreams
Indra Rajtilak, Director of AI/ML, Springboard

My writings

Innovation: AI and Chatbots



Product Management
Innovation: (Product School)

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