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What in education and research is helping to make AI faster and more efficient today ?
The linked presentation provides an overview of the benefits and challenges of using artificial intelligence in education, as well as examples of AI applications in various areas of education.
The Quick Start Guide by UNESCO explores the use of Chat GPT and Artificial Intelligence in higher education.
UNESCO has provided guidance for the use of generative AI in education and research. The guidance emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations, such as ensuring transparency in the use of AI and avoiding biased data sets. It also encourages collaboration between experts in AI and education to promote responsible and effective use of the technology.
According to the GitHub report, open source is thriving and has seen significant growth in the past year. Additionally, the rise of AI is expected to continue to impact the open source community. The report also highlights key trends and insights into the world of open source development.
The article discusses the issue of hallucinations in large language models and proposes a method for detecting them.
is a website for online chatting and instant messaging.
The article discusses the top 20 artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can be used by designers and content creators. The tools are divided into four categories: content creation, graphic design, video editing, and general productivity. Some of the highlighted tools include Canva, Artisto, and Grammarly. The article provides brief explanations of each tool's features and capabilities.
Claude AI is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyze business contracts and provide insights and recommendations.
9 is a website that offers AI-powered data analysis services.
A website that provides AI chatbots for businesses to improve customer service and engagement.
WriteSonic is an application that provides AI-powered content creation tools for businesses and individuals to generate high-quality content quickly and easily.
Easy-Peasy AI is a platform that offers easy-to-use tools for businesses to implement artificial intelligence solutions.
In a new interview, Sam Altman officially announced the development of GPT-5.
is a platform that uses AI to transcribe audio and video files into text.
The YoutubeDigest: summarize with ChatGPT is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to summarize YouTube videos using ChatGPT technology.
This video provides a simple explanation of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).
This is a link to a YouTube channel called "Hlopci z Lisu."
18 is a website that provides educational resources and tools for teachers and students.
Teachers use Diffit to instantly get “just right” resources for any lesson, saving tons of time and helping all students to access grade level content
Free AI Writer and text generator. Create exceptional and distinctive essays and articles with Smodin's complimentary AI writer and text generator.
Smart course material generator and lesson planner for educators.
MagicSchool to help lesson plan, differentiate, write assessments, write IEPS, communicate clearly, and more.
arXiv:2311.02462v1 [cs.AI] 4 Nov 2023
This article discusses the levels of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and proposes a framework for measuring progress towards achieving AGI.
Connected Papers is a research tool that helps users explore and navigate through academic papers and related research.
Research Rabbit is an AI-powered research assistant that helps researchers find and analyze relevant scientific articles.
Elicit is a platform that allows users to create and participate in online surveys and market research studies.
Wordtune is a writing tool that uses AI technology to help users improve their writing by suggesting alternative word choices and phrasing.
PaperPal is a website that offers writing assistance and feedback for students and professionals.
Master Thesis Irma Harms
University of Twente M.Sc. Interaction Technology Year: 2021/2022
The Master Thesis by Irma Harms is titled "Visualizing Human Values for Design.”
It was completed as part of the M.Sc. Interaction Technology program at the University of Twente in 2021/2022.
The thesis explores the use of visualization techniques to understand and integrate human values into the design process.
30 is a website that provides natural language processing solutions for businesses.
Figma is a cloud-based design tool that allows teams to collaborate on creating, testing, and shipping digital designs.
Excalidraw is a web-based tool that allows users to create diagrams, illustrations, and sketches in real-time. It is designed to be simple and intuitive, and allows for easy collaboration with others.
Pitch is a presentation software that allows users to create and share interactive and dynamic presentations.
Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to easily create various designs such as posters, infographics, and social media graphics. It offers a wide range of templates and tools that can be used by both professionals and non-designers.
AI assistant that helps you get more done
Coda is a platform for building and organizing documents and spreadsheets, with features for collaboration and automation.
DeepL Translator is a translation service that uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate and natural translations in various languages.
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