Why should you transition from Python 2x to 3?

Presently, the creators, The Python Software Foundation, no longer support the branch of . The transition to a newer, more powerful version from an older, widely used, but less capable version is still a work in progress, but the time isn’t far when Python 3 will completely displace Python 2 with its countless technical and end user enhancements. Most of the popular packages hosted by PyPI repository, the one-stop shop for reusable python code, now supports Python 3. The most important thing to understand about Python 2 going End Of Life is that Applications using Python 2 will still run. We don’t have to think of it as a major issue where Python 2 applications grind to a halt. Just official support for Python 2 from the core Python development team would be withdrawn.
Meaning of Python 2 End Of Life in practical terms:
Official bug and security fixes for Python 2 will stop. Newly discovered problems in the Python 2 standard library or the Python 2 interpreter will not be fixed by the core development team. However, commercial vendors could maintain Python 2 on their own, and other third parties could work the Python 2 codebase and continue where the core team left off.
Third-party Python projects will abandon Python 2. Libraries that supported both will begin to devote their resources to Python 3 exclusively. Many of these projects are volunteer-run, and it’s far less work to support just one version of the language. Projects will have to decide on Python 2 support by themselves. Hence, many major Python projects are pledging to drop Python 2 support entirely. Platform support for Python 2 will become less robust over time.
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