Which is the better tool for web development, PHP 8 or Python?

Before comparing Python and
, points of comparison should be listed clearly, which significantly will affect the choice of web framework is important. Ease of learning, community support, documentation, library support, speed, choice of web frameworks, and debugging are a few parameters to be considered while comparing any two languages.
Ease of learning

Python is a general-purpose programming language, is much easier to learn and it can be picked up very quickly so much so that fundamentals of programming are taught in the Python programming language.

Python programs are much shorter and easy to write, the syntax is much simpler and the code is extremely readable as compared to the same code written in other programming languages.

PHP8, on the other hand, wasn’t meant to be a general-purpose language and was designed specifically for web applications that were more sophisticated than simple, stand-alone programs so it takes more time to learn PHP than Python.
Community support
If a particular programming language isn’t well known and there is little community support available, it becomes less desirable.
Both Python and PHP8 have excellent community support, Python is being used by Google for some of the popular Google apps like YouTube and other applications like Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit use Python-based web applications. On the other hand, Facebook uses PHP as the primary backend.
Extensive documentation is available for both programming languages Python as well as PHP 8. In terms of documentation available, there are numerous websites, forums, discussion boards that provide excellent tutorials on developing applications using Python or PHP languages
Library support
In contrast to PHP8, Python
has notably well-developed library support for almost all types of applications, but Packagist (PHP packages repository) is a strong backbone for PHP. For Machine Learning backed web applications, Python provides massive Machine Learning libraries like TensorFlow, Keras, Theano, Scikit Learn, etc. This results in developing such types of applications using Pytho
n far simpler as compared to almost any other programming language.

PHP 7. x and PHP8 are extremely fast, almost 3 times faster than a typical Python program, therefore, PHP wins significantly over Python.

The choice between Python and PHP should be made considering the above points as well as the type of web application to be considered.
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