Can you wash fur carpets with a washing machine?

Washing shag carpets in a washing machine can be a convenient and time-saving method, but many factors need to be taken into account to avoid damaging the carpet. In this article, let's find out if you can wash fur carpets with a washing machine and what to keep in mind when cleaning fur rugs that you should know.
Whether or not wool carpets can be washed with a washing machine depends on a number of factors:
Carpet material:
Synthetic fur carpets: Usually can be washed in a washing machine. Natural fur carpets: Some types such as wool and sheep can shrink or be damaged when machine washed. Check the carpet label: Most carpets have labels that clearly state washing instructions. Carpet size:
Regular washing machine: Only suitable for small and medium sized carpets. Large carpets: Should be washed with a specialized washing machine for carpets or hand washed. Carpet condition:
New carpet: Machine washable more easily. Old, dirty carpets: Should be hand washed or dry cleaned to avoid damaging the carpet. Read more:
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