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Mileage Tracker

This template is for freelancers and independent contractors that want to track their mileage for tax deductions or invoicing.
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How to Use the “Mileage Tracker”

Add Mileage
Click the “Add Mileage” button to add your first trip.
Fill Out Information
When you click the “Add Mileage” button, a pop up should appear to allow you to fill out the trip information. Fill out the information you have like the event associated with the trip, the date the trip was taken, the starting location of the trip and the destination driven to. Filling out this information will help with referencing the data in case of something like an audit.
Add Odometer Information
In order to claim tax deductions and have the data available in case of an audit, the odometer information needs to be documented. Add the odometer information from the start of your trip in the “Odometer Start” field. Once you’ve completed your trip, add the odometer information in the “Odometer End” field.
One Way vs Round Trip
If you want to keep more detailed information, you can mark your trip as “One Way” or “Round Trip” by clicking the appropriate checkbox.
Odometer Images
Lastly, you can add images of your odometer from the start and end of each trip. Images can be very important if needing to prove the data in your mileage tracker in case of an audit or if you invoice mileage to your clients.

Additional Notes

The “Mile Driven” field is automatically calculated using the date in the odometer fields.
"Total Miles Driven” is automatically calculated by adding all “Miles Driven.”
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