Taboo Party Game

Getting started

If you want to play on a shared device, you can start playing right now in this document. Just scroll down.
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if you want to play on multiple devices at the same time or save your teams for later.

1. What is Taboo?

Taboo is a turn-based word-guessing party game. During your turn, your goal is to get your teammates to guess the keyword as fast as possible by giving them hints. When giving your teammates hints, you must not mention any of the forbidden words.

In the example below, you are trying to get your team to say Beatbox, but you aren’t allowed to say the words Rhythm, Drum, Mouth, Sound, or Music . You’re also not allowed to say the keyword itself (Beatbox), or any partial keywords or keyword variations, like Beat or Box.


During your turn, a member of another team should be watching the screen to make sure you aren’t saying the forbidden words.
If your team guesses the word correctly, press the Got it button. You’ll earn 1 point and add 10 seconds to your timer.
If your team says a forbidden word, or you just want to skip the current word, press the →→ Skip button.
When your team runs out of time, you will be guided to pass the device to another team. When they’re ready, they can press the →→ Next Team button to begin their round:


Make sure to have a member of another team watching the game during your to keep you honest about the forbidden words.

The team with the most points after all rounds is the winner! 🎉

2. Create your teams:

Add team
Team Name
Tune squad
There are no rows in this table
Clear teams

3. Decide on the number of rounds

Number of rounds:

4. Get started

Now, hand your device to
Tune squad
and press the button below when you’re ready to start. Don’t forget to have a member from another team sitting beside you to catch forbidden words.

Pressing the button below will start the game timer for the first turn for
Tune squad
, so make sure you’re ready!
Start new game

Or is there an existing game you want to re-join?
Join ongoing game

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