Tips for choosing the right size for your wedding neon sign

Found your dream neon sign for the big day, but still struggling to find the perfect size? We all know that are a great addition to weddings, but for it to shine like a star, size matters.

Indoor wedding neon light sign

Couples often choose 36", 42" and 48" wide neon wedding signs! They work best as a backdrop in any photo, however, just because so many people buy neon signs in this size. This doesn't mean you have to do the same thing.Every sign is their own!If you want your name to shine brightly on the neon glow, choose the large size. Meanwhile, the signs The smaller font is suitable for a simpler wedding.The Barcelona font looks stylish and eye-catching, while the KIONA font stands out professionally and formally.
This neon sign is in Barcelona font, 53 inches. You can choose this font and size for your wedding neon sign if you want a similar look.

Neon signboard for out
door wedding part

Outdoor weddings are the current trend! Imagine how neon signs displaying your name glow amid the ethereal and earthly setting. The couple above chose a neon sign quoted above that is 52 inches (150cm) in size and has the font KIONA.
Wedding neon sign adds a highlight to the ceremony and brings a splash of sparkle to the cocktail party. For outdoor weddings, hang neon signs on the cocktail table, reception area to guide guests, next to the wedding centerpiece decorations, on the wedding circle arch or the photo booth. There are many places to install these beautiful signs, so if you have one in mind, get a tape measure and get the dimensions.

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