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Professionals! Unleash Your Potential! (with Proof)

The Goal

Weight Loss for Professionals is a guided fitness program that helps you lose weight (and keep it off!) which is specifically designed for high functioning professionals who have busy lifestyles and don’t have time to invest hours in the gym each day or are unable to lose their stubborn body fat despite no matter how hard they try.

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Join a power packed cohort of people from Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, London and many more!

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After this free session we can give you an estimate of how much weight you can lose if you follow this plan. Awareness is the first step towads positive action!

Who TF Am I?

You might be wondering who I am, and why I am capable of coaching you on how to be healthier. Here’s why you should consider buying this course:
I am a Software Engineer myself (Working at an MNC in Bengaluru) and I have studied, worked and lived in different parts of India and have successfully applied all the tricks I will teach you on myself. I can relate to the sedentary lifestyle, ad-hoc meetings and bizzare sleep schedules we are subjected to, and was curious to find sustainable fitness strategies
Have lost 34 kilograms (75 pounds) while averaging a fat loss of 4-5 kilograms (8-11 pounds) per month while I was using this program (and kept it off ever since). That’s quite a huge accomplishment given that people of my height generally end up weighing about only 64 Kilograms (141 pounds) when healthy. So I lost over 50% of my ideal weight.
And I did the above without spending more than 2 hours a week (thats less than 20 minutes a day) in the gym, or counting my calories, and I can also teach you how you can achieve similar results without any crazy gym work or starvation at all.
And I am a bio-hacker. I love doing experiments that boost my productivity. In the last 18 months, I have tried several things like improving my sleep, improving my body composition and overcome my social awkwardness, using quantitative and experiment backed methods. And I’d like to share my learnings in a condensed manner so that you can achieve my 18 months of progress in maybe 1.8
You’ll find out I am pretty nice human being overall. Let’s be friends 🤗!!

Here are some before and after images (WARNING: Some of the before photos might scare you)

Before and After - Side By Side











Hi my name is Yash Kaushik i am currently 22 years old im 5'11 and weigh 69kg At the end of 2021 i was at an all time high weight of 91 kg. In 2022 i decided to lose weight as a new years resolution and started dieting,working out and watching videos on youtube to help me lose weight and to some extent it did help i managed to lose 6 kg around april and was satisified with my progress,but around may end i started to notice that i had not lost any additional weight since april even tho my strength training had increased. i started focusing more on my diet to the point of starving myself which was very emotionally and physically draining. i shared my problem with my friend vaibhav who had also started his fitness journey and wanted his input on my problem. what he told me played a crucial role in my weight loss journey
In May, 2023 i was at a staggering 69kg and had lost a total of 16kg!
I felt much more positive about my body and my mind processed things differently. I had a completely different outlook of dealing with stress related to daily life. i was much more comfortable in my skin and a lot more confident.
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-26 at 00.00.28_615b1c40.jpg


Hi I am Deep Gandhi, using the techniques taught in this cohot, I lost 7kgs in 6 weeks. I found this lifestyle much more easy to maintain, saw faster results and didn’t feel like a big compromise on my normal life. It may be hard to believe in the techniques provided initially, given we have been misled for all our lives by companies and conventional science, but this program is truly worth it, I lived it and feel much better than before. I had my reservations initially but as time passed, I saw the results and now I am happy with what I achieved.
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-25 at 13.58.00_692dad24.jpg

The Plan

The plan is split into three phases
Week 0 - Start Point Analysis and Pre-requisites
Week 1 - Motivation and Unlearning Our Wrong Beliefs
Week 2 - The Minimum Effective Change Method - The secret to sustainable good health
Week 3 - Progress Analaysis and Course Correction
Week 4 - The Road Ahead - Unleashing your Max Potential

Who This is For?

If you are obese or overweight (according to BMI), you will benefit from this cohort. However, engineers and professionals of all fitness levels are encouraged to have a free discussion and I can probably help you in some way.
You are a motivated and relatively successful person in your other aspects of life and want to improve in the health front now!
You have tried dieting several times or tried being consistent in gym, only to fail and put the weight back on.
You general dislike working out or can’t find the time in your busy schedule.

Who This is Not For?

If you are already at 5% body fat or can already bench 400 kilograms (881 pounds) . This is for normal people who want to learn how to walk before they can run.
If you are not a professional having some real commitments - the plan would still work, but this program is optimised for the lifestyle of working professionals who don’t have a lot of free time, and don’t mind spending a little bit to elevate their fitness status.
If you are trying to get shredded or a muscle momma/daddy. The goal is to take you from unhealthy to generally fit and minimise health risks and injuries. And we will focus more on small and actionable diet and lifestyle changes rather than big transformations to your current schedule.

But I already have signed up for X, Why Do I Need This?

This program is about YOU: I believe most people are hard working and capable. As a professional, you might be one of the most wealthy or smart among your peers. That takes hard work!
Science Based Approach: They say teach

Take Action

The current price of this program is 4999 rupees INR per month.
For Indian residents, you can pay the above amount on mailvaibhavchopra-6@okhdfcbank
For everyone else, please contact me on my twitter or email below and we can figure out a method of payment that works for both of us (most probably something like paypal)
After Payment please send a receipt or screenshot of payment proof to and I will get back to you within 24 hours with further steps.

Refund Policy

If you don’t feel satisfied by the knowledge you gained as part of the program, your entire money will be refunded. There is really no downside for you in this program.

Contact me

You can email me at
Or reach out to me on

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