Data Visualization

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Looker Studio Visualization

Adding Data

When you open up a new report in Looker Studio, you’ll want to navigate to the BigQuery icon.
From there, you can select the project, dataset, and table you want to import into your report. You can also upload data from a Google Sheet, a variety of other services, or even a spreadsheet on your computer.

Adding Graphs / Charts

There are a bunch of different visualization techniques you can take advantage of in Looker Studio. In the Looker Studio report we put together, we focused on incorporating a spatial analysis map. In order to take advantage of spatial analysis features, it is important to make sure you have the appropriate fields in your table. a guide on how to make use of the geographic analysis tools in Looker Studio.

There are also a variety of other charts and graphs that you can make use of in Looker Studio. It’s pretty simple to navigate these, feed the appropriate data in, and stylize them so that entire report looks polished. a tutorial that provides some additional context on how to make use of these tools.

Looker Studio Visualization Example:

Here’s the visualization product we made in Looker Studio! Although we focused most of our time on the visualization product working in Tableau, we wanted to showcase what a relatively simplistic analysis in Looker Studio would look like (especially because the product is free and accessible).


Using Looker Studio (used to be known as Google Data Studio) is super easy if you’ve been storing and manipulating your data in BigQuery.

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