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Gender-Responsive Climate Smart Agriculture
Module 4
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Activity profiles

Let us think about Mamadou and Awa, who are trying to change the way they farm. Let's think about how we could help Mamadou and Awa.
But in order to help them and other men and women in the village, we first need to understand what they do during the day and what responsibilities they have for farming and for looking after the household.
One way to do this is to develop what we call an activity profile.
How can we understand who does what in the community, how responsibilities are distributed in and outside households among men and women?
How can we understand what boys and girls do? They also work alongside their parents in the fields or in the household. In some cases, this can affect whether they can go to school.
This is an activity profile. It is a great way to understand what happens in a community and who does what. It will also help you understand why everyone can’t be working on CSA all the time and what other responsibilities they have.
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