Minutes of Meeting | 10/26-27/2020

Participants: Ms. Helenne, Alice, Andi, Jop, Merv, Kat, JM, Louise, Zaffy
Townhall - Wednesday (10/28), 8PM
November 2, November 30 (Holiday) - all volunteered to come to work
Fulfillment count EOD will be transferred to JM
Blogger’s Network - $8,600 spent as of the moment, DF - $1,300
Fulfillment as of now: Mostly blocked tasks-
November 29 or 30 - Content will complete
If there are concerns, much better to raise it to Ms Helenne
Do not engage in skype conversations, contact Ms Helenne for clarification, or send an email for better communication. If question are already in the FAQs, let them read the FAQs instead
October scorecards - will still be done by Ms Helenne
Strat planning is a three-year plan, with a purpose of company, vision, mission. And by November, strat planning will be presented along with the new organizational chart
Shift reshuffling may be done next week

SDU Updates
SDU assignments:
Pao - Alice
CJ (retail) - JM, Andi, Jop
Teresa (premium) Zaffy, Louise, Jed (new hire - will start next month)
Spec Ops - Merv (webmasters), Kat (bloggers)
In the next 2 weeks everyone will be transferred to their respective SDUs (latest transition - 3rd week of November)
DMG tasks will not be changed yet
Alice will still handle delegation
Tasking for business unit only to only happen when tasking algo kicks in
All tasks should be ticketed even when already in our respective units
Off Page QAers: Andi, Louise (Andi will QA - Zaffy, Louise, Alice, & Jed / Louise will QA - JM, Andi, Jop, Kat, Merv)
Louise to train Andi for Off Page QA until next week, Andi will start Off Page QA on December
Let the group chat (Creds + Change Output) know if there's changes of our shift within our delivery units

Same scorecard will be used until end of this year, as its not advisable to change it mid year
Scorecard should not be interrupted at any time, SDU managers are fully aware that we have to get out scorecards monthly
Keep your scorecards, in case the business managers need it from us

Mission Board:
about the rationale of one of the values (I see a problem, I solve a problem)
If you’re gonna create a mission, and if it’s successful after two years, there’ll be points
Mechanics not yet polished, still collecting ideas
It shouldn’t be an existing task in order for it to be a mission

DF will be transferred to Louise, Zaffy to undergo DF training for back up
Need 3 more DMG to hire, also to be distributed to the business units
There is no policy requiring anyone to come to the office
Even if everyone’s in their units, we can contact Ms Helenne anytime :)

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