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Preloaded Images w Secondary Boot Disk

The purpose of this document is to describe the process of using secondary boot disks for pre loading docker images on the node for as an alternative to Image Streaming
use below link for google docs for setting up a secondary boot disks
secondary boot disk setup command for envision is described below :
go run ./cli --project-name=jetrr-cloud --image-name=a1111-realisticvision-optomized --zone=us-central1-f --gcs-path=gs://preload-docker-images-storage-bucket/ --disk-size-gb=50 --image-pull-auth=ServiceAccountToken --gcp-oauth=keyfile.json
The above go command is for using is for creating a secondary boot disk for A1111_realisticVision_optomized image, it’s commands explain the necessary auth requirements for using the tool:
Auth requirements are setup on linux machine
setup go
go to ai-on-gke/gke-disk-image-builder directory
paste gcp keyfile.json
run command:
auth flags are:
--image-pull-auth=ServiceAccountToken for authenticating pulling image on the temporary vm instance the tool creates
--gcp-oauth=keyfile.json for allowing the tool to work on the local environment

The existing disk a1111-realisticvision-optomized is on the gcp bucket preload-docker-images-storage-bucket

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