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Udayan Walvekar
GrowthX’ers can add GrowthX as part of education in their profiles.

Where can I add this?

I'm pretty sure most of you already know how to do this, but for safety.
Go to your profile, education, click on (+) and search for GrowthX (screenshot attached)Two reasons for you to do this:

What are the benefits?

When you add GrowthX as a part of your education, you're listed in the "Alumni" section where folks can visit your profile. Easy networking.
Get more eyes on your profile with GrowthX Alumni feature.
We have reached over 2000+ followers on LinkedIn.
We get 1478 unique monthly visitors on the page.
35% Marketers, 27% product managers 21% co-founders are amongst the top visitors.
Visitors are from Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi, amplifying your visibility there would be incredible.
You've put in 8 weeks of your effort while working full-time, not everyone is able to make that choice.
You deserve more folks knowing you, learning about you & wanting to connect with you for being the awesome self that you are.
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What to add
Product & Growth Bootcamp
Field of study
Business Administration and Management, General
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Activities and societies
GrowthX is a product and growth Bootcamp created by leaders from companies like Dunzo, Sokrati, Razorpay, CRED, and the likes.
GrowthX alumni are from the top companies in India like Google, Razorpay, CRED, Flipkart, Canva, Meesho, OYO, Bloomberg, Zoho, Cisco, Unacademy, Khatabook Edelweiss, MobiKwik, Kotak Mahindra, Smallcase, Toppr and many more.
What I could do post GrowthX:
Acquisition: Decision framework & deep dive into four major acquisition channels viz organic, ads, referral, product integrations. How to scale acquisition channels? & more.
Onboarding. How to design onboarding for high growth. Breakdown of how to design onboarding for web and mobile products
Engagement & Retention: Different types of engagement frameworks. How to segment users to drive maximum engagement. How we should look at retention and reduce churn.
Monetization. How to decide the framework to monetization? How to tie in monetization with retention?
Growth Teams & Processes. How to build a growth process a team? How to set up & evolve growth teams? How to build and nurture a growth culture?
Capstone Project. A 3-week capstone project. The project is done with a team of marketers, designers, product managers etc to build an end to end growth strategy from acquisition to monetization.
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